Work In Progress

Minimum and maximum Work In Progress (WIP) limits may be globally set per project or locally by an individual user. The WIP limits set by an end user take priority over those set globally on a project.

Global Work-In-Progress limits can be assigned to a project, easily overridden by personal ones should a user wish. Buffer states have special significance in Kanban. Should your Work-In-Progress limit for a particular state be reached, the system may automatically hold a card in a buffer state until spare capacity allows it to be moved forward. Your personal Work-In-Progress limits can be easily amended via the buttons at the top of each kanban board state column, either being set to a specific value or to unlimited. Should a state?s Work-In-Progress limit be reached, a message to that effect will be shown between the cards at the appropriate point.

Ticking the ‘Enforce WIP Limits’ option will force such global or personal WIP limits to be adhered to [Not yet fully implemented].

Bottleneck Warning

You will get a bottleneck warning towards the top of a state column on the kanban board if a waiting card can?t be pushed or pulled to the next state column due to it having reached or exceeded its maximum WIP limit.

WIP Limit Reached/Exceeded Warnings

You will get a ‘WIP Limit Reached? and/or ‘WIP Limit Exceeded? warning at the appropriate point between the cards displayed for a particular state column should your maximum WIP limit be reached or exceeded.