Alternative Visualisations

In addition to the Kanban board itself, your cards can be visualised in a number of ways such as list view, standup, backlog sorter, timeline, activity stream, diary, time sheet, wallboard, release kickoff and retrospective.


The Roadmap page features a column for each up and coming release in your project. The cards associated with each release may be dragged out of one release and dropped on another as required.

Activity Stream

The Activity Stream page lists all the changes made recently to your cards.

List View

The List View page allows you to display the cards in table format. Clicking on any of the column headings allows the cards to be resorted.




The Diary page presents you with a 28-day diary view to which cards requiring action on a particular day have been added. A card will appear on the diary view if a next action, deadline, start by or hidden until values has been set to activate within the next 28 days.

Time Sheet

The Time Sheet page presents you with a diary view covering the past four weeks to which cards worked on on a particular day have been added.


Kanbanara possesses a Standup page which should be visible from the back of the room. The Standup page features a cut down version of the kanban board and allows the person in charge to either step through each team member or each significant card in turn. Each card selected is then displayed towards the bottom of the screen, in both kanban board and list view formats, along with its children if any.


The Wallboard is designed to be left unattended whereupon it will automatically cycle through a number of screen showing aspects of the currently selected project and release.