• Up to two reviewers can be assigned to a card.
  • Warning given if in a Testing column but no reviewer assigned.

Each card can be assigned up to two owners and up to two reviewers, thereby assisting with either pair programming or pseudo team members such as the current incumbent of the service support liason role.

When assigning a reviewer to a card, the reviewer?s names are placed in order of least busy to most busy, with a card count after their name, thereby allowing the least busy team member to be more likely chosen. When a card reaches a Testing state, the owner and reviewer effectively switch roles, with the reviewer requested to work on the card and the owner a passive observer. As a reviewer, you can see what work is heading your way as such cards appear greyed out in the states preceding a Testing state.

Review Bypass

Should you wish to use Kanbanara as your personal kanban tool, setting a card?s bypassreview attribute allows a card to go straight from Developed to Accepted bypassing any Testing state.