The administrator.ini file holds the username and password that will grant you access to certain administrative pages. Upon first running Kanbanara, an administrator.ini file will be programmatically generated and contain a username and password totally unique to yourselves. Feel free to go into administrator.ini and change the username and/or password to something more memorable. You will need to restart Kanbanara for your changes to take effect.

Members Registration Details

The entire registration details of your members can be seen by navigating to:

  • http://<ip_address>:<port>/authenticate/members

Just enter the username and pasword found in the administrator.ini file.


Only Admin user can delete and/or rebuild database.


You should be able to upgrade your installation of Kanbanara by simply downloading the latest version from and overwriting your current installation. Please ensure that none of the files are left in a read-only state. As the configuation (.ini) files will not be present in the downloads, your customised versions of such files can’t be overwritten. Although the CherryPy web server will automatically restart should it detect a change to a .py file, it is recommended that the CherryPy web server command line be shutdown and restarted.